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Bio-Dinar 1 = BD1 ( Diabetis, stroke,dsb )
Bio-Dinar 2 = BD2 ( Ternakan )
Bio-Dinar 3 = BD3 ( Kanser )
Bio-Dinar 4 = BD4 ( Awet Muda )
Bio-Dinar 5 = BD5 ( Stamina )

1.Bio-Dinar 1 = BD1 ( Diabetis, stroke,dsb )
2.Bio-Dinar 2 = BD2 ( Ternakan )

Specially formulated for poultry, for optimal metabolism, healthy stable environment (ammonia free), so the use of feed to be more efficient, quality meat, poultry eggs better, and more resistant store.

 Ranch free-range chicken / village
Dose 1 drop per 1 liter of water chicken every day.

 Animal broiler.
Dose 1 drop per 1 liter of drinking water once every 2 days when the application starts in 8-day old chickens, when applied from the age of 14 days lalukan applications every day until harvest.

 Ranch Chicken egg / layer
Dosage 1 drop / 2 liters of drinking water during productive chicken and 1 drop to 1 liter of drinking water began to decline in times chicken production.
To produce Omega 3 eggs, applications every day with doses of 1 drop / liter of drinking water each day, after 1 month will see the results (the color is more yellow yolk redness, more viscous, the yolk is not broken when pinched hang, does not smell fishy / rancid )

 For the chicken indukan (breeding farm)
Dosage 1 drop / liter of water every day, the benefits to both egg quality, hatching power good, good DOC growth and stress resistance.

 Farm duck
Dosage 1 drop / liter of drinking water every day or 2 drops of mixed feed per kg of artificial feed.

 Farm quail
Dosage 1 drop / 2 liters of drinking water every 2 days.
 BD-2 Poultry
For applications in birds chirping: 3 - 5 drops / liter of water for bathing birds. if to be used as a tonic for pigeon racing / homing pigeons can use a dose of 1 drop / 100 ml of water to drink, for fighting cock 1 drop / liter of drinking water.
Benefits from BD-2 POULTRY
1. To improve metabolism and health of poultry.
2. Accelerate growth, but feed is still efficient (FCR).
3. Omega 3 eggs, think no game without the stench.
4. Dirt dry and not smelly (ammonia free).
5. The quantity and quality of eggs, meat more flavor and no fishy smell.
6. Texture of meat is more dense, heavy but low water levels.


Packaging: 10 ml
Dosage: 1 drop (approximately 20 drops per m)
40 kg live weight / day.
Animals Ruminansia: beef cattle, dairy cattle, Goats, Sheep
Ingredients: 12 kinds of amino acids, fatty acids of 8,
Vitamins A, C, D, E, K, Minerals, non-chemical growth hormone Auxin, 3 kinds of enzymes (protease, Fitase, lipase), Lactobacillus 106, (All materials are made from natural ingredients 100% without chemicals).

For dairy cows:

 Applications at 1 drop = 40 kg body weight / day, assuming 400 kg of livestock weight = 10 drops given 2 times while giving comboran / when feeding concentrates, BD-2 in direct intervention in the feed.
 To pedet 1 to 2 drops per day, can be applied / mixed with milk.
 To overcome mastitis, dose 2 times the normal dose or 1 drop = 20 kg body weight to health / milk can be consumed or not to break the alcohol test.

1. Improve appetite and health of livestock.
2. Optimal livestock metabolism so that the rumen digestion more perfect, so totally waste residue that is odorless and can waste as fertilizer applied directly without the need to use the decomposition (instant).
3. Absorbed energy can improve the quality of milk (TS, density, TPC under 1 million).
4. Milk tastes better, milk endurance longer (long-term application to milk could survive undamaged for more than 10 hours, stored at room temperature without pasteurization / heating and cooling).
5. Cope and heal mastitis without injections, without antibiotics, so the loss farmers when milk can not be consumed during mastitis did not occur.

Applications for fattening

BD-2 drops 4 to 40 kg.
Example: the weight of cattle is estimated to 210 kg = 210: 40 = 5.02 then the dose is 5 drops / day + 200 ml of water pour in a bottle, immediately try give morning while cattle do not eat.

Can also be mixed in feed, dose 1 drop per kg of feed concentrate, mixed in the feed mixer when mixing, (can be mixed with molasses to dilute).


1. Improving health and appetite of cattle.
2. Optimize the metabolic processes of livestock, so that the feed given to the maximum absorbed, solid waste and liquid waste does not smell, can even be used as a direct fertilizer use, without the decomposition process (the role of Lactobacillus and enzyme).
3. The role of amino acids, fatty acids and Lactobacillus repair and build the damaged cells, so that the drug can also cut out like sores around the eyes, around the feet, etc..
4. Anti-oxidants, so the quality of life improved livestock, improved meat quality, and livestock are not easily stressed the weather or the environment even less support.
5. Livestock growth relatively faster but the fat content in meat relatively little.
6. Quick tender meat when cooked, and taste better.

To cut to the rub or spray one time every day in a way BD-2 in dilute with water 1: 3 (10 ml SBD-2 + 30 ml of water).

3.Bio-Dinar 3 = BD3 ( Kanser )

Untuk penyakit kanser yang Ringan digunakan 3 tetes 3x perhari, Penyakit Berat 7 tetes 3 x sehari

4.Bio-Dinar 4 = BD4 ( Awet Muda ) : Dioleskan

5.Bio-Dinar 5 = BD5 ( Stamina ): 3 tetes 3 x sehari

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